From: Frank B.
Things can't get much better than having an intelligent and enthusiastic guide who certainly helped us enjoy Arizona.

Frank B. United Kingdom

From: Paula K.
Michael was terrific. He is very intelligent and informed about so many subjects, including the area and culture. Obviously he loves being a tour guide and sharing his knowledge, history and culture with his customers. The tour and Michael were perfect.

Paula K

From: Michael R.
An absolutely splendid day out! Very nice of you to stop at the Green Valley Fire Station. The photos have all come out extremely well.

Michael R. United Kingdom

From: jvk
Subject: an opinion from Canada
Date: Friday, September 3,2010

On August 25/10 I ended up in downtown Tucson and, lo and behold, I saw the sign Visitor Center. Walking in, I was immediately struck by the cordiality of the lady working the late afternoon shift, the vast number of brochures to be found, and the great advice given to myself by the wonderful lady (whose name I unfortunately never got to know). She not only gave great suggestions as to where I might find a suitable hotel within my budget range, but she also put me in touch with Michael Foltz owner and operator of Reisen Arizona Day Tours.

That Michael Foltz is extremely knowledgeable about all of Arizona goes without saying. After all, that is his job and the sort of thing one would expect from a tour guide.

But unlike most tour guides (and I've had a few over the years), Michael is possessed of a certain charm, wit, and wisdom that can turn even a seemingly mundane exercise (such as standing on a street corner in Tombstone) into an exciting intellectual adventure.

Stated differently, Michael is not someone who merely goes through a series of perfunctory motions in his role as tour guide. To the contrary, he bubbles with the sort of enthusiasm which suggests that, even if he were not being paid, he would gladly inform individuals about Arizona out of sheer enthusiasm and willingness to help people. In fact, while guiding me through Mission San Xavier del Bac, we encountered a stray truck drive who was hopelessly lost and who, despite his predicament, saw fit to step inside the church after Michael gave him the proper directions in addition to telling the driver that he had mistakenly strayed onto the parking lot of the oldest church in the United States.

Quite clearly, then Michael comported himself with the sort of cheery enthusiasm about Arizona that I found both remarkable and contagious. Indeed, because I enjoyed the first tour so much (Tombstone), I felt the strong urge to go on yet another tour with Michael. Unlike most guides, Michael was able to offer social, political and cultural commentary which, for a Canadian such as myself, proved to be indispensable in enabling me to tap into the pulse beat of Arizona. Had I been able to stay for another week I would in all likelihood have taken another two or three tours with him. Alas, I had to fly back to Toronto on the first of September.

Once again, therefore, I must thank the Tucson Visitor Center for having provided myself with such sound advice and such a remarkable tour guide in the person of Michael Foltz. I will tell others. Cheer from Toronto!

Jvk - Cananda

From: Michelle E.
Subject: Gutten Tag! from the jw marriot...
Date: November 06, 2009

Good day, Michael Foltz! I just wanted to email you personally and thank you for leaving a lasting impression with our guest today. Mrs. Joan M. was referred to you by one of our front desk representatives an she expressed to me that she loved her tour with you today (San Xavier, Desert Museum) Her husband is attending a conference here with us and she was so glad that she found use of her time with you and your knowledge of Tucson and the attractions. Here is a direct quote from here that she wrote us-

This amazing tour guide is no stop facts regarding the ecology of Arizona, it's mountain range, inhabitants, colorful past and present. Michael Foltz exceeds energy and passion about his beloved stat, Arizona. The passengers, such as myself, leave inspired by the state and the man.

With that in mind, would there be anymore brochures/business cards that you could provide us with to give better insight to our guests? That would be deeply appreciated! Thank you again for your great service and impression you had with our guest!

Michelle A. Front desk agent for JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa